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How to update software in IDEVICES?Download iOS Updates Once for Installing on Multiple Devices....

If you've got many iPhones, iPads, or iPods that require change to the most recent version of iOS, you'll use a pleasant trick to save lots of some information measure and transfer one iOS update file to use to multiple devices from either mackintosh OS X or Windows. this is often an ideal answer for a family that has multiple iPhones or iPads that require change, notably once you don’t wish to transfer constant code multiple times.
To be clear, the iOS devices should be of constant sort and model, that means 3 totally different iPhone 4s will use constant code, however AN iPhone four can’t use constant update file as AN iPad two would, ANd AN iPod bit can’t use an iPhone 4S update file, and so on. Same models use constant IPSW, {different|totally totally different|completely different} models would like different IPSW

How to Use a Single IPSW File with Multiple iOS Devices:

To do this, you may got to transfer the iOS code files directly from Apple. Here square measure code links for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone if required, once you've got the file you place them into the folder wherever IPSW files square measure hold on domestically. Here’s the method for mackintosh OS X and Windows, ANd affirmative you'll use AN IPSW file downloaded on a mackintosh or computer to update an iOS device connected to a special computer or mackintosh, the files square measure platform agnostic

For Mac OS X:
  1. Quit iTunes
  2. Hit Command+Shift+G to bring up “Go To Folder” and enter the following path, depending on your iOS device:
  3. ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
    ~/Library/iTunes/iPad Software Updates
    ~/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded IPSW file into the appropriate location
  5. Launch iTunes and connect the iOS devices to the computer to initiate the upgrade
For Windows:
  1. Quit iTunes
  2. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the following directory, depending on the iOS device and version of Windows:
  3. Windows XP:
    \Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
    Windows Vista & Windows 7:
    \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
  4. Move the IPSW file into the appropriate Software Updates directory
  5. Relaunch iTunes and connect the iOS device to the PC
That’s all there's thereto, and here’s however it works; anyone will transfer the updates while not iTunes by mistreatment direct code links from Apple’s servers. Once you've got the code file you'll either use the quality technique of mistreatment .ipsw files with ALT/Option clicking Restore, or use the approach printed on top of that fools the pc into thinking it downloaded the iOS update itself, which can then now take away and begin the iOS upgrade method upon the launch of iTunes.

Don’t ignore OTA updates either, which permit iOS to transfer and update solely the changes between releases. The ensuing OTA update will typically be 1/12 the dimensions of a full code file, and though they will’t be shared between multiple devices the little size of the on-device update can create it a legitimate selection for the information measure acutely aware.

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