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Clear app cache or clear app data: what's the difference?

What is clearing the app cache?

The cache could be a temporary cargo area of a tool that retains bound forms of knowledge. The aim of this is often to hurry up however quickly and swimmingly your device operates and reduces what quantity knowledge is processed and consumed.

After restarting your phone, have you ever ever detected however slow your camera app is to 1st open, once every succeeding try is quicker? the rise in speed when the initial launch of associate degree app is due to this cached knowledge. Similarly, you may notice that websites load quicker on a second visit. Once again, this is often as a result of files like pictures are antecedently keep within the cache.

There is usually no got to manually manage cached data: humanoid is extremely capable of this on its own. However, if associate degree app starts to misconduct or close up, then you'll want to manually take this step.

When you clear associate degree apps cached knowledge, you take away the temporary files placed there, and you would be stunned however usually this acts as a good resolution. Also note, however, that it does not guarantee higher performance, and therefore the app might even be briefly slower following time it's used.

What is clearing app data?

Clearing app knowledge could be a a lot of severe (for need of higher word) step. whereas the cache is cleared with very little risk to app settings, preferences and save states, clearing the app knowledge can delete/remove these.

Clearing knowledge resets associate degree app to its default state: it makes your app act like after you 1st downloaded and put in it. as an example, say you create changes to the settings of your favorite fitness app. you modify the length of exercises and sound settings. Clearing the cache won't have an effect on these saved settings. Clearing keep knowledge, might – and altogether chance – can. .

When should they be applied?

There square measure a number of circumstances within which you'll want to clear app or cache knowledge. Firstly, to avoid wasting cupboard space. Some apps will store gigabytes of information that you just now not would like (podcast apps square measure usually guilty of this). during this case, you'll want to clear their knowledge.

The other, and a lot of common, reason is to reset associate degree app to a default state if it's become problematic, buggy or otherwise unquiet. .

How do I clear app or cached data?

The process differs between device and operating system, but for most Lollipop devices, the steps will look something like this: 
  • Navigate to your Settings menu.
  • Scroll to Apps subhead and tap it.
  • Swipe to the All tab.
  • Tap on the app which you wish to remove data for.
  • On the following page, tap either clear cache or clear data, depending on which measure you wish to take.

A word on "performance-boosting" apps:

There square measure several apps that claim to "boost device performance" however usually this simply is not true. In several cases these apps just give a one-touch button for ending of processes and clearing of the cache, each of that square measure mostly inessential on today’s humanoid platform. You can, and should, try this manually if it's ever needed, not routinely.


There is no “better” or “worse” possibility once it involves clearing the cache and clearing app knowledge. each processes have their own purpose.

Your start towards fixing a problematic app ought to be clearing the cache, as this is often the smallest amount intrusive methodology for quickly fixing apps. If that fails, or if you want to liberate a bigger volume of cupboard space, then clear the info. simply bear in mind that something keep or saved within the app, as well as audio, video, or image files, also will be removed.

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