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5 Best Screen Recording Apps For Android Without Root 2016

Before we tend to get into really topic, lets discuss few things associated with screen recording apps on automaton. Reason to record screen, depends on user necessities. Some record screens for video tutorials, some record screen for coverage bugs and a few for fun… ought to I root my device to record my screen…? affirmative, however ontogeny your automaton device, that is technically difficult for few automaton users. however we've got bought the list of best apps which will record your mobile screen while not ontogeny your device. That’s cool right…

As smartphones have became the a part of our standard of living and that we square measure giving heap of area to them in our life. moving into to the in operation systems factor several corporations have tried several of os wherever Nokia accustomed rule the mobile world with their phones, in 2009 times forty sixth of individuals used Symbian package. once the existence of Google’s automaton in to the market, within the 2013 world have seventy three of individuals victimisation automaton Smartphone’s. automaton has reached to the highest most of smartphone market competitory with the businesses like Apple, Blackberry and Nokia out of examination in operation systems. several of the those that square measure victimisation Smartphone’s don’t even apprehend the precise use and conjointly a way to create use of automaton applications. Here we tend to square measure stating some super options of automaton wherever several of the don’t have plan on that.

  • Force reboot
  • Quick Google access
  • Reboot Android in safe mode
  • Get detailed information about phone status
  • Moving android apps to SD card
  • Hard Reset and Factory reset your android phone
  • Taking screen shots on android phone
  • Set warning for data limits
Like the options listed higher than, i'm certain that you just conjointly apprehend automaton world have heap choices in comparison to different OS accessible. automaton users square measure for sure limit less, they're free and that they own a self machine to convert their devices as they want. So, changing automaton to windows victimisation applications, putting in principally compete computer games in automaton victimisation apps, victimisation smartphones as spy camera, voice recording apps throughout telephony and far additional options together with within the list. So, i might wish to notice here that your question “How to record my automaton screen while not rooting?” gonna solve nowadays by this text.

The main theme of this text is that stating best applications for screen recording on automaton mobiles. everybody is aware of a way to take a screen shot on mobiles however here we tend to summed up some applications that square measure used for screen recording

1. Shou:

Shou is that the best app of all the others that square measure declared here, this app provides United States of America heap of options on creating recording videos that square measure done on the screen. Shou provides United States of America screen recording with stereo sound, mirror your device screen to any Miracast or Airplay enabled devices. Here the additional feature is you'll be able to take screen shot by simply merely shaking your automaton device. you'll be able to transfer the app from playstore

2. SCR Screen Recorder Free:

This is a fee screen recording application that permits the user to record up to three minutes. there's no separate interface for this app and it simply includes three buttons on the house screen that one is for recording, another for accessing settings, and also the last one to exit the app. This application adds water mark to your recorded video. you'll be able to transfer the app from playstore.

3. Screen Video Recorder App:

This application provides user gallery to look at, delete, or play the videos during which videos square measure recorded already. Screen recording is totally different from different apps that it records top quality videos. it always captures top quality frames which might be used for prime quality MPEG video along side sound effects. you'll be able to transfer the app from playstore.

4. Rec:

Apart from all the opposite apps this application Rec have lovely interface which might be simply intelligible to the user. whereas recording the video it shows the notification within the notification bar that we are able to stop the recording within the middle if we want. It provides increased and un-tethered access to the screen record utility introduced in automaton four.4 kit qat showing neatness. you'll be able to transfer the app from playstore.

5. iLos:

Every application here have its own specification totally different from the others and here iLos application records the automaton screen in multiple resolution together with 1280×720 and 1920×1080 pixels at thirty frames per second. once the app is opened it shows atiny low window on prime of it showing begin and cancel buttons to record the video. during this app you'll be able to record videos of unlimited length that is additionally a ads free application. you'll be able to transfer the app from playstore.

The higher than listed apps square measure absolve to transfer and use them for recording your automaton screen. i might wish to that automaton app you're keen on to record your smartphone screen and why? you'll be able to conjointly check Screen recording apps for IOS (iphone/ipad).

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