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Android 6.0 Marshmallow AWESOME features

Android 6.0  Marshmallow AWESOME features 

Ready for Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

The motives why Marshmallow is the quality version of Android

Android Marshmallow is coming to a Nexus device near you

Google releases a slightly progressed version of Android - however with Android Marshmallow, it’s pulled out all of the stops.  The modern version of Android adds new functions like the battery-saving Doze mode and the modern-day Google Now on tap – and it’s the largest replace we’ve visible to Google’s cellular OS in a ages. Still not certain if you have to upgrade? Right here are 14 motives we think Marshmallow is the nice version of Android we’ve seen.

1. Android Pay:

Just like Apple Pay, Android Pay allows customers to save credit score and debit card information on their smartphones, and then wirelessly pay for items and services fast and securely. To make it more relaxed, Android Pay uses a virtual account wide variety in place of your personal, and additionally continues a detailed records of purchases made using the app.

In case you’re unlucky sufficient to lose your cellphone, Google has you blanketed. Android tool manager makes it clean to remotely lock and wipe your Android device in the occasion of loss or theft.

The simplest trap? Android Pay has been in the US since late September, but we still don’t realize when it’s coming to the United Kingdom.

2. USB Type-C:

USB type-C represents the holy grail of connections. It’s stupid-speedy, may be used any way up – and it’s going to be the maximum typically used connection within the following few years. What’s more, it also permit for a good deal faster charging than traditional cables: it may fully fee a Nexus 6P in round  hours.

As you’d count on, Android Marshmallow is futureproofed with integrated USB kind-C assist, so as long as your telephone has the connection, Marshmallow can take advantage of it.

3. Adoptive Storage:

maximum Android telephones let you insert some shape of reminiscence card, however previous variations of Android always treated it as a separate entity. While that’s splendid in case you need to swap reminiscence playing cards round – it is able to be stressful in case you need to use the memory card as a permanent garage answer. That’s where Adoptive garage comes in. Instead of treating the reminiscence card as a separate storage space, Marshmallow can treat it just like the relaxation of the reminiscence on your smartphone. The end result? You could use your reminiscence card space without any fuss.

4. Now on Tap:

One among the largest modifications to Android Marshmallow comes in the shape of Google Now. Despite the fact that it may appearance the same as before, Google now is now pre-baked into every vicinity of the OS, and it’s cleverer than ever. Google Now’s attention is now on “context”, and which means the virtual assistant can be higher at expertise wherein you are, and what you’ll need to recognize as a result.

5. System UI Tuner:

Marshmallow fixes one among our largest pet peeves with the Android working system. Google’s cellular OS uses the repute bar at the top of your screen for key records about reception, battery existence and greater – but it may get crowded and scruffy at instances.
With the system UI Tuner, users can now upload their battery percent to the machine tray, and pick which other matters they want to be displayed there. The end result? Your Android smartphone will handiest display the information you want to peer.

6. Improved Copy and Pasting:

Even though it looks as if a quite simple mission, preceding variations of Android made reducing and pasting text a fiddly, frustrating affair. Earlier than, Google’s OS pressured you to go to the top of the display screen to cut, copy and paste – however Marshmallow lets you hover just above the selected textual content. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly what iOS already does – but we’ll forgive Google as it’s a sizeable improvement over its unique solution.

7. Custom Google tabs:

Google Chrome is one of the first-rate mobile browsers round, and Marshmallow makes it easier for developers to combine into their very own, third-celebration apps. That means you don’t should transfer programs when you want to browse the net, and it also manner that when you are set free on Google's browsers, all your passwords and logins are saved and geared up to go. The end result? The whole browsing experience is tons greater seamless.

8. Clear permissions system:

Although now not one of the maximum glitzy capabilities, Marshmallow’s app permissions overhaul may have an instantaneous impact on how you use your cellphone. Preceding versions of Android pressured the user to configure app settings at the factor of set up, making downloading apps an excessively complex, drawn-out method.

Rather, Marshmallow handiest asks on your permission whilst it desires to. So, in preference to configuring some thing which include Snapchat while you first download it, Android will ask to apply your cellphone’s digicam as soon as, and simplest the primary time you operate it.

If you need to head lower back to your unique choices, Marshmallow has you covered. The brand new OS provides things through permissions as opposed to apps, so that you can quick see what apps are the usage of your camera, gaining access to your photographs, vicinity information and lots greater.

9. Personalised lockscreen message:

Having a stable, rapid OS is all properly and right, but Google isn’t afraid to inject a experience of persona into its software. New for Marshmallow, a brand new textbox simply beneath the lockscreen time enables personalise your phone – and might be a really perfect vicinity for motivational charges, critical reminders, call tags and plenty greater.

10. Storage is easier to manage:

Smartphones have greater garage than ever, but they need it: we now use handsets for everything from playing angry Birds and the use of Periscope, to shooting 4K videos and downloading movies. Despite detachable storage available, we nonetheless run out of space.

Android Marshmallow makes it less difficult than ever to manage your garage. Replacing Lollipop’s blend of colours for a far extra streamlined interface, Marshmallow shows customers how an awful lot storage space they’ve used, and a breakdown of ways they’ve used it. That way, it’s even easier to recognize what to delete.
What’s greater, Android Marshmallow also makes it less complicated to look which apps are using the maximum RAM, too.

11. Smoother app experience:

there is another feature that doesn't sound awesome, however makes a huge distinction for your Android enjoy. When clicking on app-precise hyperlinks – such as the ones for Twitter and Instagram – preceding versions of Android would present the user with an "Open With" dialog container. As well as being ugly, this also made the use of Android a less than seamless experience. Luckily, Android Marshmallow is plenty extra wise and will recognise which app to open when you click on on a specific hyperlink. Which means, in case you click an Instagram link, the Instagram app will mechanically open and display the content material. It is easy, however powerful.

12. Doze:

Smartphones consisting of the Nexus 5X percent in various sensors for health tracking and plenty greater, however Doze uses them for a specific reason. In addition to of running out what number of calories you’ve burnt, Doze makes use of movement sensors to discover whilst your cellphone’s not moving, and enters a deep sleep. The end result? Your smartphone will forestall all non-vital duties including wi-fi, syncs and jobs until the handset begins shifting again. Which means your battery have to ultimate a good deal, a lot longer.

Apparently, Doze may have manipulate over all apps and different capabilities – except otherwise said – so Android customers will benefit from progressed battery life across the board.

13. Fingerprint scanners:

Fingerprint scanners have been on Android telephones for some time now, but Marshmallow is the primary time they may be used well. In preference to a tacked-on function for unlocking your Android cellphone, Google's new OS pushes the fingerprint reader front and centre, which makes it compatible with a variety of third-birthday party apps.

In Marshmallow, fingerprint sensors can be used to log into apps like Evernote, or even buy matters through in-app purchases. Sincerely placed, authentication could be easier across the Android revel in.

14. New app drawer

Marshmallow uses a emblem-new layout for the app drawer, and it makes looking for packages a faster, simpler procedure. Rather than scrolling sideways, users now ought to scroll down vertically, and, if you’re too impatient, a search container at the top method you may locate the app you’re looking for through typing the first few letters.


The smartest shortcut from here to there

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A battery that works smarter, not harder

Android Marshmallow saves your juice for what matters most
App Standby
No more battery drain from seldom used apps: App Standby limits their impact on battery life so your charge lasts longer.

Greater control for more peace of mind

Permissions your way

No need to give apps access all the time. Android Marshmallow lets you define what you want to share and when. Turn permissions off at any time, too.
Simplified security with your fingerprint

Skip the crazy passwords: The key is at hand. Your fingerprint unlocks your phone and lets you securely breeze through sign in and checkout on Android Pay, the Play Store and even in apps.

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